Monday, November 2, 2009

Wow! What A Great Week!

God continues to show His graciousness to us as we finish up our time here in Tambov. I must say the week of teaching was both challenging and refreshing. Our whole week was spent immersing our souls into the depths of God’s truth longing to not only Know Him, but know Him rightly. Our week experienced great verbal exchange on the greatness of our God and what it means to a group of men and women who love their Lord. The chalk was flying and hearts where pounding as we desired to get our hearts around the awe of God and His truth. Needless to say this was a great time for both Paul and I and for our Russian brothers and sisters. Our relationship is deepening and growing together in the truth of Christ. We finished with an exam and a party. Continue to pray for the effect of God pounding our hearts with His truth hammer and that we may be fashioned more and more into His likeness.

Saturday was a day where we visited one of the pastor’s church for an evening service. In my experience before and visiting that Church I knew we were in for a long service and possibly could preach for two or three sermons. So I told Paul be ready and don’t be surprised if we are to asked to preach multiple times on whatever they want us to preach on. Needless to say those thoughts came to reality. The service lasted three hours with Paul, Pasha, and myself preaching. It was sweet and a blessing to us all. Sunday we went to the second Baptist church here in Tambov and Paul preached a message on passing the baton of faith to our children. It was good and well received.

Sunday night we had a sweet time at the orphanage. You talk about tugging at your heart. There were well roughly 150 kids of all ages desiring your love and attention. Well…we had some to give and expressed it to them through Christ’s love for us. It was special as we handed out all the slippers. We were a little short on the bigger sizes so the Tambov church here is going to get some more and deliver them next time they come. Many smiles and a special ministry I will share with you when we get back. Today (Monday) finds ourselves packing, visiting a couple churches and following up with a meeting with some leaders here. As we travel home, prayer for traveling mercies. Looking forward to reuniting with family and the Church. Thank you Church for your continued prayers. Even though we averaged less than 5 hours of sleep a night, Paul and I both felt your sustaining prayer for us that boasted us when we needed it. We love you in Christ and look forward to seeing you all. Slova Bogo.
Pastor Bear